Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates as it's very difficult for me to update my life while serving the nation:(
I appreciate all the support that you guys have gave me throughout the years of blogging on this boring blog!
Posting a photo is much convenient these days as i also bought myself a new cammie :D  soo,
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Tour Batam 2012

in da ferry otw to batam for a tour w love's family!
some performance of them hurting themself lol
eating of glass and fire ~_~
from temple to shopping to shows~~
finally we settled for lunch!
Hi the the friendly turtle :)
Next stoppppp, GO KART :D
 Ky's bro and I~
nervous girl
this is miki! ky's bro's gf~
hahah ky's mum is so cute!
After all the fun we finally reached the hotel!
love the cozy bed haha
Good morning!
 buffet in the morning before we headed off!
off back to sg!!
First trip with ky and i really gave me a big opportunity to know her family members more!
hope to have more trips like this soon :)
but my block leave is ending in a days time:(
bye guys,update when i can alright!